Silicone keypads

Silicone keypads and remote controls

Let us introduce a new specialization of Unipad company, Silicone Keypads. With us, you can order a specific silicone keypad and many other products made of silicone (spacers, seals, caps, individual buttons, etc.) manufactured according to your project or provide us raw data so that we will create an electronic model of the product you want.

Based on your drawings, we can manufacture any number of items you need, from samples to industrial batches. In order to start creating files necessary for Products, our engineers only need to obtain a sample of the keypad together with the technical requirements or the drawings you have. In addition to the drawings of the product you need, you will have to provide files demonstrating the appearance of the product (symbols, colors,, etc.).

To enhance resistance of the keypad to the external environment and abrasion it is possible to use laser engraving and apply additional protective layers.

Technical characteristics

Table 1: The main technical characteristics of silicone keypads



Pressing force, g From 20 to 450
Key stroke, mm From 0 to 5
Contact resistance, Ohm Less than 200
Operating temperature range, °C From - 50 to +70
Bounce time, ms Less than 5
Breakdown voltage, kV/cm 25-30
Key life Up to 1 mln.
Dust and waterproof IP-65
Resistance to aggressive media solvents, acids, alkalis, oils, gasoline, diesel fuel, detergents and disinfectants

Control panels based on silicone keypads

We also manufacture control panels on the basis of silicone keypads.

The advantages of silicone control panels, compared with other types, are:

  • large key stroke (up to 2 mm)
  • ability to combine little pressing force with a large stroke (necessary when requiring quick input on the keypad)
  • ease of creation of backlighting for labels and keys
  • high resistance to external influences values

A control panel can include a keypad controller, backlighting elements, support chassis and other elements.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.