Other products

The products presented in this category were initially designed for internal needs of the company. Having got our own positive experience with their application, we are ready to offer them to you.

FTOREL fluoroplastic protective coating

FTOREL is a high-quality one-component transparent water protective and electrical isolating fluoroplastic varnish coating. It is designed for application on printed circuit boards, sensors of test equipment, etc. It is recommended to protect equipment operating in unfavorable weather conditions and corrosive environments.

FTOREL is made on the basis of fluoroplastic F-32L and provides protection against moisture, corrosion-active vapor, atmospheric factors, dust, dirt, mold. The coating is resistant to alkalis and some organic solvents. When applied on a printed circuit board, the coating leaves access to separate elements, soldering, etc.

FTOREL comes in the form of a solution of a given concentration.

Technical characteristics

Polymer density, g/cm3


Operating temperature range, °С

from -60 to +100 (short-term up to +200)

Electric strenght, kV/mm


Dielectric constant

2,5 (at 1000 Hz)

Volume resistivity, Ohm*cm



The product is applied to a well-cleaned surface. The drying time for one layer is 20-25 min. at 60°C or 4 hours at 20°C. It is recommended to apply 2-3 layers. Approximate consumption: 200 ml/m2 per layer.

CHOP-2 cleaning paste

CHOP-2 is an alkaline cleaning and degreasing paste for screen-pringting meshes. In combination with solvents such as PREGAN-COMBI-CLEAN or PREGAN-C-44A it is used to remove stains from paint, emulsions and ghost images left after removing the emulsion layer. It is also used independently as a cleaning and matting agent for aluminum frames. CHOP-2 dissolves natural fats, dilutes synthetic fats, oils and other residues.


In order to clean and degrease new mesh apply the paste with a sponge or a brush evenly on both; keep the paste on the mesh for 5-10 minutes and then wash off the dissolved and the diluted polluting substances with water at room temperature until no more foam appears. After the cleaning and drying the grid can be used to make stencils.

In order to remove stain of paint, emulsions and ghost images, add the above-mentioned solvents to the CHOP-2 paste applied on the stencil grid and mix them with the paste with a sponge or a brush. Keep the mixture on the grid for 5-10 minutes and rinse it with water.

CHOP-2 paste is a replacement for PREGAN-NT PASTE products manufactured by Kissel + Wolf Gmbh (Germany), but, as opposed to the imported PREGAN-NT PASTE, is offered at a much lower price.