Pointing devices

We offer a variety of devices for cursor control in computer-based systems.

Our devices are complete products which can be connected to a computer via USB or PS/2 interfaces.

The devices are compatible with standard mouse drivers of the major operating systems (Windows, UNIX, Linux, QNX).


An TouchPad does not have any moving parts and therefore can be used under conditions of high vibration, shocks and boat rocking. Another advantage is the small dimensions of the device. Movement of the cursor is performed when you move your finger (or another object) across the surface of the operational window of the device.


  • combination of the operational window with the left/right mouse buttons
  • EMI-shielded design
  • "quick movement" button


Touchpads are designed to control the cursor on a monitor screen. They are used instead of a mouse or a trackball. TouchPad provides easy operation and protection against accidental cursor movements in case of vibration and boat rocking.

Our TouchPad is based on a resistive principle, which allows you to control the cursor with a finger (even when wearing gloves) as well as with special tools (a pen or stylus).

USM-01 touchpad is a complete plug-in with an integrated controller. It can be connected to a computer via the PS/2 interface and is compatible with a standard mouse.

Ball controller (trackball)

Ball controllers or trackballs are designed to control the cursor in computer-based systems of different purposes.

Trackballs can be supplied in the form of spherical modules to integrate into a key remote or as a complete device with its own buttons (analogical to mouse buttons).

Additional options

  • shielded design
  • touch sensor (protection against false cursor movements during vibration and shocks)

General technical specifications

Ball diameter, mm 50 (different diameters available upon order)
Angle of the protruding part of the ball (MSO-01) 102
Ball turning forcet Adjustable during operation
Dimensions of the ball unit (ball diameter 50 mm) 68x68x64 mm
Overall dimensions (MSO-01) 100x116x64 mm (ball slot depth 50 mm)
Operating temperature range, С - 40 to +55
Degree of dust, moisture protection IP67
Connection interface USB HID mouse, PS/2 mouse