New order

  1. Fill out the order card, attach the necessary files and send it to us by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. A representative from our company will contact you within a few days to specify details of the order and payment.
  3. After the bill is settled, information about the order is forwarded to the design & engineering department. Once all the details are approved by an engineer, we issue an order arrangement, which is a document containing technical specifications and a complete description of the product the way it will be manufactured. ATTENTION! The order comes to production ONLY after the customer agrees with the ORDER RECONCILIATION.
  4. The total production time is negotiated during the invoicing process. In case of delay in signing the agreement by more than 2 days caused by the Customer, the production time is extended by the period of delay.
  5. Along with the finished products you will receive a certificate of conformity. The completed certificate has to be sent to us by mail or in electronic form when the input control and testing of the product are completed. Batch production of the ordered products is not possible until we receive the completed certificate of conformity.


In order to re-order products send us application in any form indicating the following: name of the product, decimal numbers (this information is contained in the order reconciliation), required amount and delivery time.

Order cards for various products

Membrane keypad
Decorative panel
Piezoelectric keypad
Flexible extra flat cable
Silicone keypad, silicone products
Transparent heating element
Heating element (film resistor)
Other products