Membrane keypads

Membrane control panels (MCP) are used for data input and for operational control of various devices. MCPs combine high reliability with virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design.

MCPs may include:

  • a printed circuit board
  • an internal or external controller
  • elements of night illumination
  • integrated LEDs
  • active LED key backlighting
  • a cable for connecting the MCP to various external units
  • a case

The main advantages of membrane keypads

  • Bright color pattern of your preference
  • The pattern and the entire keypad are protected against abrasion, dust, water and aggressive environments
  • Ability to add a tactile feedback (embossed keys or metal domes)
  • A keypad and keys may be manufactured in any shape and size
  • Built-in lighting elements
  • Ability to work in harsh environmental conditions
  • Ability to install a controller
  • Windows (clear or colored) for LEDs and LCDs
  • Compact size (thickness of a keypad does not exceed 1.5 mm)
  • Ease of installation (adhesive layer on the back side of a keypad)

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