Heating elements

Heating elements (HE) are made of heat-resistant polymer film with resistive tracks applied on its surface. The ability to give them nearly any shape and size, flexibility of HE and ease of their installation thank to the adhesive layer, allows efficient heating of specific elements of the devices that need it.

HE can be used to heat ICs, displays, optical systems, pipelines and any other elements whose the temperature does not exceed 200°C.

The variety of possible designs of HE makes it possible to create exactly the product that will fulfill your needs.

Advantages of HE:

  • heater thinness and light weight
  • uniform heating throughout the entire area
  • resistance to vibration and shock
  • ease of installation
  • ability to mount on curved surfaces
  • high efficiency due to efficient heat transfer

Technical characteristics

Type Elastic HE HE on a rigid base
Base Polyester Polyimide Epoxy material
Thickness, mm 0.1-0.4 0.075-0.4 0.4-3.0
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm 500х600 400х500 500х600
Max power supply voltage, V 27 15 27
Max heating power, W 50 80  

Heating elements EO-30, "Developer’s kit"

EO-30 has been designed specifically to be applied in experimental and prototype devices. The main feature of EO-30 is the ability to change its shape and size (by cutting parts) without loss in functionality.

It is recommended to use EO-30 for experimental evaluation of the required heating power. Power evaluation is conducted by measuring the temperature of a heated product according to the voltage of the heater power supply.

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