Graphiс overlays

Graphic overlays are created on polyester film with an anti-reflective coating.

Graphic overlays are manufactured according to customer’s drawings and requirements. Patterns are applied to the inner side of the film and therefore are protected from abrasion, negative impacts of the environment, organic solvents, detergents and disinfectants. DIPs may have windows for displays or LEDs, holes for regulators or switches, etc.

Adhesive layer, which is designed to attach the panel to the device, is applied on the underside of the graphic overlay. It is possible to manufacture molded panels which can be used in combination with tactile switches.

Cutting of a finished panel is carried out on modern laser equipment which enables manufacturing of panels and their individual elements (windows, etc.) of any shape and with high accuracy.

A graphic overlay can be fixed directly to the front side of your device. You might also consider installing panels inside devices’ housing or in an instrument rack using special metal base supplied along with the panels upon request.

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